How to avoid internet scams and make money from home?

Making money online is not neccessarily difficult, but there's lots and lots of opportunities that are just too easy - where everything looks too good to be true - and more often than not, it is!

The following simple rules will - if you follow them - help to uncover Get-Rich-Quick Scams or Money Traps.

Where does the money come from?

This is a key question you need to ask yourself before joining any money making opportunity. If you can't find out how the money making program generates its income, or if their claims don't stack up, don't join.

Do you need to refer your friends to make money?

Then stay clear! If you can't make money without referring people to the program - or have someone else (including the programme themselves) do it for you - your income will probably come from their membership fees. In other words - they rob Peter to pay Paul - and it's a ponzi scheme!

If you don't need to do any work then why is it that not everyone is doing it? Trust me - making money online can't be done with no effort what so ever. Your income will be directly proportional with the effort you put in!

You'll be rich by the end of the month! This is money trap number one - designed to lure desperate people into "trying this out" in an attempt to get out of trouble. Don't fall for it! You'd be better off buying a lottery ticket.

Bottom line is: Making money online is like building your own business. It can be done - even without having any money to start up. It can be easy and fun - but it always takes an effort. If you want to know about simple ideas to start making money for free, take a look at this publication.

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